In an industry full of blogspots, blogospheres, and all sorts of other athlete websites that contain the word blog, the renowned TJ Schiller is bringing you something fresh to sink your teeth TJ's site features regular news and updates straight from the man himself (including his highly entertaining Twitter feed), his bio, sponsors, results, videos, and all sorts of other fun stuff. And what better way to launch his site than with a kick-ass contest?

photo: Dan Brown

The fall is always a busy time of year for Teej. Not only is he hankering for snow like every other skier, but also it’s time for the city big airs, finalizing competition plans, organizing travel, designing pro-models etc. That’s why this year he's decided to include you in the storm. TJ loves his fans, so he wants YOU to design his new pro-model ski dust off your crayons, pencils, open illustrator, and get to work!

You have from Thursday, October 15th until Tuesday, November 10th to submit your design. Submit your design to anytime before November 10th. The winner will be announced on Sunday, November 15th on You may send any type of design at all - use your imagination! Please submit your design as a .jpg, .jpef, .png, .ai, .tiff, .ps, or .pdf.

X Games. photo: Nate Abbott

JOSS. photo: Dan Brown

You may be wondering what’s in it for you? TJ is going to hook up the winner with a full TJ Schiller set up supplied by Dragon, Skullcandy, Nike,, POC, Monster and Newschoolers. The winner is also going to have their design featured on his new pro-model ski that will drop fall 2010. And that's not all. TJ is also going to be graciously awarding an assortment of gear to the runner-up, the most creative, and a few other random selections...because he's just that nice of a guy.

photo: John Vandervalk

So before you put pencil, pen or crayon to paper or begin your wizardry in illustrator, head on over to the brand spankin new and check out one of the coolest athlete websites on the whole gosh darn internet. While you're there, be sure to bookmark it right next to so you can keep tabs on what Mr. Schiller is up to this winter and beyond, as he'll be updating it regularly with all sort of news, updates and other surprises. And then get drawing.

Good luck!

photo: Jeff Schmuck

Disclaimer: All works, graphics, creations, sent to become property of TJ Schiller and on the time and date received. There will be no monetary compensation for the submission of a design. No designs will be accepted that contain protected content of any sort.