TJ Schiller x Momentum Ski Camps 1620 Contest, WIN over $2,000 in product and more?

Contest starts today but you must visit the Momentum website and register and be a fan of the Momentum Ski Camps facebook page to start.  The game is simple, the first person to acquire 1620 points wins! There will be a number of ways you can acquire points, either being the first to answer questions on the Momentum Ski Camps facebook page, or win the most votes for your performance in a challenge that will be requested of you.

The winner will receive the following Prize Purse:

1. Signed pair of Skis From TJ.

2. Momentum Swag pack (including hoodie, gloves, tee, bandanna)

3. GoPro HD set up

4. Skullcandy set up

5. Camper Bonus: if you are a camper you will be spending a day on the Golf Course with TJ and receive a golf bag full of more goodies.


To Register you must sign up below and like the Momentum Ski Camps Facebook Page . If you signed up already this year, before or after the Colby contest then you do not need to register again. Once you are signed up, stay alert to facebook  because the first question will be asked on April 15th!