I cannot believe the audacity of some companies. Not paying their athletes near what they deserve while they rep their brand and bring them money by sacrificing more than a little blood, sweat, & tears sometimes to make video parts.


Example A

Example B

Lucky for Ahmet's Brother, Stash Ski Poles isn't one of those companies. They recognize the hard work and dedication he puts in on the slopes, in the streets, and in the backcountry as a professional rider of coat tails. How could they ever repay him for his efforts and get him on their already stacked line up of skiers? Simple, give the man what he needs to survive and never be hungry or thirsty again.


This is how!

Yes, you saw that correctly. Ahmet's brother got paid with a Snicker's bar and a 12 rack of PBR, the beer of choice among skiers so I've been told although there is no scientific evidence to back that up. This leads me to ask, what would you sign to a company for? Beer and maybe a little bit of the devil's lettuce? A month's worth of ramen and some free touring skins? Leave a comment below with your 2 demands for a sponsor to honor upon signing.