At the end of last season we showed you Jon Hartman's Job Interview,

giving you an inside look at what we look for here at Jibij.  Keeping

with that theme, here is the Josh Bishop Job Intererview.


me about yourself: I

was born in Portland, ME, hoped around a bit when I was pocket size, and

grew up in New Hampshire 5 minutes outside of Mt. Sunapee. A few of us got

into extreme micro scootin – peep the promo!

Outside of extreme scooter contests, I enjoy scrap booking with

friends, playing piano at church, and spending time in the kitchen. 


did you leave your last job? I did not win my 4th title as male model of the year

and realized that there is more to life than being really, really

ridiculously good looking.


experience do you have in this field? I grew up shredding bulletproof conditions at Mt. Sunapee.

Learning how to ski in gnarly conditions makes me appreciate sunny skies

and perfect Colorado parks. Growing up in the east gave me great

experience, but my real experience is with cell phone follow cams! 


you consider yourself successful? In the realm of extreme micro scootin, no question….anyone

watching the promo would agree! Skiing on the other hand is not nearly as

serious as extreme micro scooting. In skiing, I have so much fun

sessioning with friends. When I’m having fun, progression comes naturally

and makes me feel successful. If I ski away from a new trick or comp run

that I stomped, it feels incredible. One of the craziest parts about

skiing is that I’m never satisfied and can always improve. Setting goals

and accomplishing them is fun and leaves me wanting more time on




do co-workers say about you? My spread eagles are on point and

my straight air KANGs are 2nd only to Jeffery Kiesel.


do you know about this organization? I know that JIBIJ employs all types of characters, from multiple

backgrounds. In a recent travel, I learned that JIBIJ is the number 1 ski

shop in all of Kazak. Followed closely by Johnny the Smoking Chimp.

Photo: Jack Boyd, Keystone, CO March 07


have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year? I’ve been learning some features of

Adobe Illustrator designing vector art and getting down n’ dirty with

typography. The program is unbelievable and opens up a world of

opportunity and creativity.

Photo: Scott Holmes, Breckenridge, CO April 05


you applying for other jobs? I really want to be an athlete representative for Mothballs and Quaker Oats. Mothballs

would keep my boots super fresh in the summer and Quaker oats keeps me

satisfied well into a day of scootin.


do you want to work for this organization? To get kids stoked on skiing and promote

the sport to individuals in multiple athletic and creative communities.

Photo: Jack Boyd, Keystone, CO March 07


you know anyone who works for us?  Only through Facebook. We

don’t travel together or hang out very often, all the pictures of team

trips are taken at different times and photoshopped together.


kind of salary do you need? Assuming I get on the Quaker oats program, I think I will be well

taken care of. The current kid we see on the box must be 100 yrs old and

that is serious job security. How about we agree not to stop at any fast

food restaurants on team trips and we’ll call it even?


you a team player? Absolutely. For example, when a teammate of

mine needed a haircut at the VT Open, I stepped to the plate. Being the

team player that I am, I supervised and took turns cutting LJ’s hair with

fellow team member Witt Foster. Thanks to our teamwork, the haircut was an

utter masterpiece and was featured in many fashion magazines and spring

07’ catalogues.


long would you expect to work for us if hired? Until LJ’s hair grows naturally to

match the haircut we gave him at VTO.


you ever had to fire anyone? Yes, I was a photographer for a watch company and we had to fire

our top hand model when he injured his hand catching squirrels this

summer. It was quite the tragedy, but those hand models are a different



is your philosophy towards work (skiing)? Skiing is an activity beyond the realm

of words. It’s my release from outside pressures of school and allows me

to challenge myself physically and mentally. Skiing is based on creativity

and no matter how much kids hate on a particular style – everyone has a

reason why they love sliding on snow and each particular style influences

the sport.


you had enough money to retire right now, would you? If I could set up a retirement plan

combining Hugh Hefner’s lifestyle and Seth Morrison’s backcountry ability,

I would retire right now.



you ever been asked to leave a position? I have not.



should we hire you? Let’s

just say I’m well connected in the Polish mob through Greg Manista and

Jake Szarzec. 



me about a suggestion you have made. I used to write to the NH senator with multiple suggestions. 


irritates you about co-workers? Although I don’t have any specific dislikes, the smell of

Hartman’s 1080 boots is a formidable sent. In the words of Ron Burgundy,

“It stings the nostrils.” I think they’re the first boots he’s ever owned,

and knowing Jon, they may be stolen.


is your greatest strength?

Ripped abs, tail grabs, and optimism!


me about your dream job:  Filming the show, “The Girls Next Door”

or touring with Clarke, Hath, Jacob freestyle rapping.

 Why do you think you would do well at

this job? I’m bringing back ballet skiing, I’m really good at changing

tires on team trips, I can slide rails while talking on the phone, and I

enjoy taking photographs and documenting my adventures. 



are you looking for in a job? A challenging environment with great co-workers, solid resume

building activities, and plenty of diversity to keep things exciting.


kind of person would you refuse to work with? An Amish farmer – I don’t see myself

going back to churning butter and planting corn….

 What is more important to you: the

money or the work? Skiing!


would your previous supervisor say your strongest point is? He would say I was making better

cocktails at 16 than Tom Cruise! Apparently, before embracing scientology,

Mr. Cruise starred in a movie called Cocktail?  Who knew! 


me about a problem you had with a supervisor.  I do not recall any problems with my former supervisor. He

gave me free range to operate in my position and we worked well together.


has disappointed you about skiing? People who smoke cigarettes on the ski hill.

In addition to cigarettes, sub-par ski movies

from professional companies are absurd. Some skiers get a lot of coverage in

films while others are throwing groundbreaking tricks and remain relatively

unknown. B-footage should not replace a 

2 pretz 2 on a handrail or a 450 on pretz 4 off.

Photo: Jack Boyd, Keystone, CO March 07

 Tell me about your ability to work

under pressure. I skied the US Open with torn ligaments in my hip and

an injured SI joint. 

Photo: Jonel Janewicz, Mammoth Mtn. CA May 06


your skills match this job or another job more closely? My skills match this job more closely.



motivates you to do your best on the job?  Doing something I’ve never done

before, skiing well, sessioning with friends, and waking up to snow



you willing to work overtime? Nights? Weekends? I am – so long as it does not conflict

with micro scooter photo shoots.


would you know you were successful on this job? If I inspire others to ski well and have

fun on snow. 


you be willing to relocate if required? For sure, I think I may relocate to Europe in a few weeks for an



your management style. 

Decentralized and cooperative.


you willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of your

own?   Getting others stoked on skiing and promoting the idea that

skiing is fun is my interest.


Mad props to the JIBIJ Family, Dalbello for making an incredible ski

boot, Amy at FRS Health & Energy, Scott at Purl Wax for keeping my skis

fast, The athlete lounge, Blake Kimmel at, and anyone looking

forward to the ski season

Big thanks to  Eric Schmitt and Ian Kirkpatrick for the photos, unless otherwise noted.

BIG UP… winter is here!