I promised to update you all with new photos of my Australian and Chilean travels, and now that time has come.. Here is the MEGA photo update. Unfortunately my net in Chile is as slow as Molasses, so please see all the photos here on my blog- http://chrisbenchetler.com/cb/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=181:from-australia-to-chile-con-carne-updated&catid=1:latest-news There are pics from both Perisher Blue and our most recent days in Portillo. Along with the long awaited sneak peak at the Bent Chetler ski with graphics.. This is my first time out on the skis fully dialed and I couldn't be more stoked. They far exceeded my expectations... Enjoy the pics. CheersHere are the pics the internet allowed me to download before it froze... http://www.chrisbenchetler.com

Some light Australian reading...
Christian wall riding...
Perisher blue's lovely tables..
Christian getting the shot..
The new ski... SO stoked
Slashing some Chilean freshies..