photo by Adam Clark

My names Adam Shaffer, lifetime skier, ski patrolman, video/photo-journalist, and P&C.T.C (personal and commercial technology consultant... Fancy way of saying I'm a geek haha!)

I've been speaking to them about doing a interview with you guys about how you started and why, it's Warren millers skiing mag.. Also about all the designs and rockers and just surface causewell and joystick as well. Plus all the things your doing for Eco friendly with the green life's and giving back with the save life's. I have the nine lifes and 3 years ago I could barely walk from a god awful thrashing, I was doing a switch corked 900 tail grab. but coming off the lip "since it wasn't a finished tabletop, it was just 45ft table of plowed up rock hard ice boulders and snow they started the launch and landing with groomers but the middle was 45+ft gap by 15ft wide 20ft tall with just chunks of ice and boulders of ice and one the size of a vw bug. But on my launch I was in stance and hit the lip got the pop and started to spin... But my left leg got hung up in a ice boulder at the top left of the launch on my swing to start my spin, so it ripped the Meniscus cartilage in half also shredding the cartilage behind the patella (knee cap) and tore most of my tendon. After what seemed like an hour in the air i wound up landing in the ice boulder field tearing my meniscus and patella's cartilage and #12 of my concussions lol (I have 16 to date! 1/2 With a helmet ha! The others well let's just say I was young and reckless I was superman made of glass, I'd take a terrible yard sale with just a beanie and goggles. But I'd get up find my stuff hike up and keep launching Till I'd land It, huck it right, redo my tree lines, or even just catching an edge or Even a tumble down from a peak. With out a helmet then when I finally got a dome globe/helmet) they really have to redesign them, I just got an idea maybe make helmets under causewell! **More details and ideas below after the story** but after 3 surgeries in one year and nearly 2-1/2 years of! (but it was all to get me skiing again, it was personalized for me for skiing all mountain, park, pipe, and racing! Before I was done I ordered the 09 nine life's with look (rosi) jib bindings and went against what they said and skied any way on them and even raced them and they were so amazingly light and perfect I loved the early rise especially, perfect for racing and park. I'm 5,9ft tall 169lbs and 172's are perfect a little longer then what I usually get (heads with tyrolia bindings) which are at my chin but I found it to be way to slow and I'd sink in powder and they where heavy like cement blocks on your feet!! And the nine lifes are up to my forehead and half the weight. :-) which allows me to learn and do new tricks pluss race way faster my times dropped drastically! And my knees arnt killed from them finally a perfect almost hand made ski company!! I was once sponsored by head thrills and sessions clothing 4 years ago and these big company's threw me out and cut me off from getting gear when I need it and you guys have the feeling that this is what you love to do next to bomb a line or launch and it shows even in your customer service and turn out amazing products with a friendly homely way. if I was on your team as an "am" and was hurt you wouldn't just drop me unless I couldn't ski or you guys couldn't afford it and had to drop me till I healed. Now since I'm healed and skiing already and finished my schooling (that's what I did with the time off) and love photography, skiing, journalism, and marketing. So I combined them to make my own journalism skiing filming photography and movie making and formed HTC.PR firm to film and report about everything from skiing to surfing hiking and new gear and company with a review on all the products to evaluate and review and bring my work and transform it into articles and just true honest reports (but I must say you guys are the best I've ever skied!) So precise and perfect and amazingly talented and their also amazing because how the Perform in everything I've thrown at them it's like butter so smooth tins of pop and perfect I need more I'm so dying to try a 3 stage rocker setup (so sexy lol) I've skied almost every ski company and every style through the years which is now.7 17yrs I'm 21 I'll be 22 on 12/11/10 haha! So I'm having a huge party, I can't drink because when they did the surgery, I found out I have a rare form of chrons disease that's actually rheumatoid arthritis that's progressing faster and faster, my knees, elbow,s spine, and all my joints become brittle and super stiff to the point where it hurts to stand. but I take an injectable drug one needle full a week and have to live on terrible drugs I hate it.and theirs no cure just treatment not even charities or awareness for it and it sucks in a few years I'll be like tin man. So back to the interview I'd love to call ask you guys some questions and need some pics to advertise I'd love to test these out mainly the three stage rocker but I'm on the east cost I have bindings and all I just need to get the skis but I'd love to do the interview since your Eco friendly and everything skiing mag will love this they've given me questions to ask and things and explain each ski you make and are making, I also have a design for......the following information is classified, but we assure you Adam's idea's are epic.

Thanks again.

Adam Shaffer



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