Words: Julie Weinberger & Cortney GermainPhotos: Julie Weinberger.On three hours of sleep, we jumped in the car to head to Jackson Hole for the world premier of TGR’s latest flick, The Tangerine Dream. The drive from Boulder to Teton Village took close to eight hours. Our stoke was so high that we never even thought about that three hours of sleep or the fact that we were sitting in a car for eight hours. At 4pm, we pulled into the Teton Village parking lot. As we walked up to the tram, we could see Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and a slew of other industry personnel relaxing and chatting before the show was to start.

We had about two hours to chill until the big air motocross extravaganza was set to go off before the premier. So, we checked out the scene. Jackson looked beautiful with the top half of its peaks capped from recent snowfall. Some kids had a skateboard session near the Walk Festival Hall where the movie was soon to be shown. Since the temperature was about 50 degrees and we weren’t adequately dressed for such cold temperatures�it’s been in the 80s in Boulder�we headed inside to the Mangy Moose to grab some grub. French fries and chicken wings filled our tummies and we were now ready to check out the motocross big air.After waiting for a brief rain shower to pass, Red Bull athletes Tommy Clowers and Jeff Tilton stormed the big air set-up. They managed to amp up an already stoked crowd even more with their insane aerial maneuvers.The doors of the Walk Festival Hall opened at 7:30 p.m. with skiers of all ages buzzing with stoke and anticipation. Peter and Michael Olenick, Skogan Sprang, Ryan Oakden, Dana Flahr, Erik Roner and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa were among the many pros hanging out and signing posters for the anxious crowd.
The movie opened with the legend of the ‘Tangerine Dream’�an old beat up orange pick up truck�the fuel that ignited Teton Gravity Research’s beginning. Park pros and bros Peter and Michael Olenick kicked off the first segment of Tangerine Dream with sick pow lines in Alaska. It was something different but also nice to see some park rats rocking it in the backcountry. Snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Victoria Jealouse impressed skiers and snowboarders alike; Jones straight-lined a 50 degree spine wall while Jealouse charged down steep terrain that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up. Fourteen-year-old Kye Peterson got quite the rise out of the audience with his seven over the legendary Pyramid Gap. Pep, Sage and Andy Mahre also went huge on the gap, taking off and landing switch. If you remember anything from this movie, Dana Flahr’s segment will be the one. Flahr followed in Sage’s footsteps, taking park tricks to the backcountry and skiing big lines with ease. He could quite possibly have the breakout segment of the year.
As for the after party, we are pretty sure it rocked; after parties always do. But this 19 and 20-year-old did not get in. We heard that a legendary AC/DC tribute band, BC/DC, played and that Marc-Andre Belliveau’s band, Big Mammas, opened up the party. As we circled the Mangy Moose looking for a secret, unguarded entrance to the party, we saw dozens of teens peeking through the windows trying to get a glimpse of the movie’s stars. We found it somewhat ironic that most of the premier’s attendees were under 21. So were several of the athletes.