Well gang it has been a slow train coming but it has finally arrived. TELUS Park

will be getting some new features in the park this year. Yes that’s right!! You

heard it here. 

In addition we are firing up the engine and will be opening the park with an early season rail and box line up on Tuesday December 18th. 

The new snow we got this weekend has allowed the crew to set up a good selection of early season rails and boxes.

We will have a medium / large lane and a small / medium section as well. 

It is a good start coinsidering the slow start to the snow year. Our goal will be to add some small / medium hits to the line up as soon as we get up and running. (and more snow falls)  

The good news is we have hooked up with a few companies to help bring in the goods. DV8

boardshop in Kelowna will be designing a mega wall ride with sections you can

add on for extra height. We will be working on its set up so we can get it

dialed in the park just right. Rossignol comes to the table with two new box

features a large battle ship box and a wicked down flat down box. These will be

an added bonus and give just the right mix in or line up.


number #1 true brand is stepping in to help out as well. They will be sponsoring

an existing rail in the park which will give us some green to go get some new

features for the small and medium lanes which we need real bad.

The Big White park team was creative and found some material to cook up three

new rails, adding two single square bar 16 footers and a 20 foot shotgun flat.

Local business owner Brian Spence who owns Snowshoe Sams Bar and Restaurant will

bring a street style rail into the mix which will give you that core street rail

feeling in TELUS Park.

Check out the pics and keep checking in to watch the progress. Note these shots are as we are setting up so you won't see the take offs yet.

The first TELUS Park Amatuer Rail jam on December 28 has only 30 spots available and is filling up fast so if you want in check out the events section and get your name in ASAP.  We will try and set up some thing fun for you guys with the limited snow and we will be brining in some Pro Judges who will judge skiers and snowboarders seperatley.

Hope to see you up here this week and the crew will be trying hard to up the anty as more snow drops.

Over and out. Flynn.