The crew has been working in the shop building rails but we have also

been up in the park with the excavator. Big White has sent the cat up to

help reshape our dirt features. We want to add a new rounder shape so

that we can get our jumps up early season. This round shape should get

us in a good starting position and we hope will allow us to build nicer

jumps. Lets see how it works when the snow starts to fly.

The boys at Dv8 are putting the finishing touches on the DV8 Island Snow

'Stair Way to Shredding'... Matt and Tom have been hard at work the

past few months putting on new paint repairing panels and screwing in

new hardware. Stay tuned to see the rail when they mock it up and fit it

before it gets transported back to headquarters and waits until winter

to make its way to the hill

Here is another summer project which will be featured in this years TELUS Park. The tube features are being hand crafted by Fergus our resident

freestyle BMX pro and metal fabricator. 12 inch light wall tube

features stay tuned for future progress!! Flynn Seddon from TELUS Park says  "We are looking at some large

diameter tube features for the small and medium lanes that will

allow people to make the transitions from boxes to rails more fluid."