TED is an annual conference in Monterey California where the brightest minds in the world gather to share and discuss their ideas. At this event, each speaker speaks on their topic for roughly 20 minutes and now the videos of these talks can be viewed online for free for those of us who can't afford to drop $4000 for a ticket to this conference (read: All of us). There doesnt appear to be a limit to what can be talked about at these conferences and I have watched talks on everything from parenting and gardening to architecture and biology and have enjoyed almost every one (out of the 20 or so videos i have watched, I have only disliked 1). You don't need to be a rocket scientist either to watch these which is really a big selling feature IMO.

Past TED speakers have included J.J. Abrams (TV producer, the guy behind LOST), Stewart Brand (who I quote in my blog header ;) ), Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Peter Gabriel (musician), and more. The best part is, these aren't even the best speakers at these events! There are so many people speaking about so many interesting things that its easy to forget the big names. The variety of speakers is really nice.

You really just have to sit down and experience this site for yourself. Most videos are around the 20 minute mark so you really have no excuse for not checking a couple out. If you really enjoy the site you can even sign up and join in on the discussions online about each video. Its awesome!


I know a bunch of NS'ers already enjoy peeping the videos on this site and I would say this is one of the best sites on the internet. Its that fucking cool.