Words by Rafael Regazzoni

Photos by Fabrice Wittner

Following 'Sa Rec', 'Feelings' and 'Gonzo', Gpsy Feelin Productions is proud to present their fourth opus, 'TAZ' (Temporary Autonomus Zone...to learn more about the title, stay tuned for the movie's release in September).

Last winter, the Gpsys skimmed the Espace Killy local spots with some crazy urban, creative features and of course a lot of backcountry skiing. Three members of the crew even had the chance to shred in British Columbia, where they explored the legendary terrain in Revelstoke.

The team itself stayed the same, with Yann Barthelemy behind the lens (along with support from Leo Taillefer following his ankle injury) and the antics of Julien Lange, Florent Bastien, Pierre Chedal and Leo Taillefer in front of it.

The 35-40 minute film will be released at a theatre near you in September and online a few weeks later. You'll also be able to check out 'TAZ' in the four corners of Europe as part of the first Inspired Media Concepts Movie Tour along with IF3 in Montreal, Annecy and Innsbruck.

Check out the trailer for 'TAZ' below, and for more information on the film, check out http://www.gpsyfeelin.com and their Facebook fan page.

TAZ Trailer