Hailing from Aspen, Colorado, Torin Yater-Wallace grew up with the X Games in his backyard. Every year he would watch the events from afar hoping to one day compete in the prestigious games. With the Rocky Mountains as his playground, Yater-Wallace began skiing before he could walk. His peers immediately recognized his talents, but he was still a long way from achieving his dreams of becoming a professional skier. Now at 17, Yater-Wallace has become a regular on the podium at X Games, Dew Tour and World Cup events and is considered a favorite heading into the Winter Olympics. Uncover the young star’s road to success as Target proudly presents the Torin Yater-Wallace episode of, “The Way Up,” a new series, running on Network A (http://www.NetworkA.com).


The second episode, featuring Yater-Wallace, is now live, with new episodes debuting every other Tuesday. Each episode of the series will focus on one athlete, showcasing their rise to stardom while pinpointing their exact breakthrough moments as professionals. With more than a decade of involvement in action sports, Target continues to help athletes grow in order to achieve greatness. “The Way Up” was shot and directed by skateboard icon and filmmaker Steve Berra.