Hives are short term itchy rashes that could emerge and vanish quickly, usually within 24 hours. At times hives would recur at different spots on the skin. If they last for over a month, then they are considered to be chronic. Hives at times could become more serious and cause breathing problems. In some cases, an individual who develops hives has a harsh allergic reaction which requires medical attention. There are some successful hives treatment by which this skin problem can be cured.Symptoms of HivesHistamine release from mast cells which exist deep within the skin causes symptoms of hives. Common hives symptoms include:? Sudden beginning, skin or red colored welts that resemble mosquito bites? Welts change quickly i.e. size, shape and location? Itching, welts commonly last for about 24 hours? Angioedema i.e. swelling of lips, face, and tongue Treatment of HivesIf the substance or allergy responsible for the hives could not be found, then the hives symptoms need to be treated. By using primary medications such as antihistamines, hives and itching can be controlled. Some of the hives treatments are as follows:? Antihistamines such as Tagamet, Benedryl, Atarax, and Seldane ? Epinephrine injections are used in cases that involve life threatening episodes.? Avoidance of unknown allergens? Stay away from hot baths or showers, direct sunlight and extreme sweating? An oatmeal bath could be calming and lessen the ruddiness and itching of hives.Hives can be prohibited by avoiding heat, by keeping the skin temperature cool, staying away from alcohol as it causes flushing of the skin, by trying not to scratch affected areas and by wearing loose clothes that doesn?t put pressure on the skin.If you can follow all the above procedures and take care of your skin in a proper way, you can always prevent yourself from this skin problem.