YOOO Its Bobby B here. Right now I am in Are, Sweden for the JOI event and couldn't be more stoked. I have been in Europe for the last few weeks doing some contests and filming. I competed in the Euro Open and Sweet Rumble Big Air. At European Open I put a run down in Semi's, but it just wasn't enough to crack into the finals. Henrik absolutely killed it in the finals and ended up taking first. After my time in 

Switzerland I went to Norway for the Sweet Rumble big air. It had to be the highest level of competition in a big air in ski history. So many people, doing the most ridiculous tricks I have ever seen. Notables from that contest were Russ Henshaw with a switch double cork 10 double mute and PK who did every one of his tricks with complete ease.

Sweet Rumble. photo: Jeff Schmuck

After Sweet Rumble I hopped on the Super Sessions bus with the whole JOSS crew and headed to Sweden. The bus had some issues, so our 5 hours bus ride turned into a 16 hour journey. Nevertheless we made it to Sweden.

JOSS bus. photo: Jeff Schmuck

Tonight fellow Salomon rider Mike Clarke and I watched everyone hit the jump. It is crazy big and we are so ready to get after it.

checking out JOSS. photo: Dan Brown

Tomorrow night we have training and Friday night is the JOI. Be checking out josupersessions.com and jon-olsson.com for updates of 

the comp.

testing out the JOI jump. photo: Dan Brown