The world's best female freeskiers have been the honorable guests at the Tyrollean ski resort of Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis since last Sunday, with the goal of showing off their phenomenal skills on the pristine jump of the Suzuki Nine Queens. Adverse weather conditions slightly hampered the beginning of the event, however since then the weather has cooperated and the event is now in full swing. The Suzuki Nine Queens is exceeding all expectations, the unbelievable sessions proving it to be one of the most progressive events in women’s freeskiing yet again.

Photo by Klaus Polzer

The first big highlight occurred on Wednesday when the familiar thudding rotors of the helicopter got the athletes, filmers and photographers hearts beating a little harder. Flying cameras filmed the athletes for two hours from multiple unique angles, giving the ground photographers a priceless additional subject for their photos.

Kaya Turski. Photo by Klaus Polzer

Silvia Bertagna. Photo by Klaus Polzer

Thursday was just as spectacular, with all the athletes and media getting up in the early hours of the morning to shoot action on the “Chateaux” for sunrise. Then, after a well deserved rest during the day, everyone went up the mountain again for a magical sunset and night shoot.

Photo by Flo Breitenberger

O’Neill Team Rider and host of the event Virginie Faivre, who sadly was unable to ski herself due to injury was still absolutely stoked. "Our Chateaux looked even more fabulous under the floodlights than it does during the day," said Virginie. "It was just magical. I didn’t think it could go any better than last year, but it seems that the Suzuki Nine Queens has no limits!"

Virginie Faivre, host of Nine Queens. Photo by Flo Breitenberger

The level of riding on the perfectly shaped jump has been incredibly high. Völkl Marker Freeski Team members Emma Dahlström and Emilia Wint threw cleanly grabbed cork 720s, superstar Kaya Turski displayed some silky smooth style, Anna Segal stomped some perfect flat spin 360s, Eveline Bhend sent huge flat spin 540s deep into the landing and Ashley Battersby brought everyone to their feet with a textbook switch 900. Local hero Eva Patscheider, who was unable to join the fun due to injury couldn’t miss watching the spectacular action. "You can see that the girls feel really comfortable on the jump," said Eva. "Last year they spent a lot of time getting used to the larger dimensions, but this time it looks completely natural for them. I can’t wait to ride with the girls again next year!"

Ashley Battersby. Photo by Klaus Polzer

Anna Segal. Photo by Klaus Polzer

To get a better picture of the great atmosphere, the awesome features and the epic skiing check out the first official video edit from the event...

The big finale will go down this Saturday with the big air contest (which is open to spectators), followed by a prize giving, photo awards and a raging afterparty presented by Sweet Protection and at the Hexenalm in Fiss. Freeski enthusiast should definitely make the trip to Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis to witness the action of the big air contest and join in the fun afterwards. For more information on the event, check out