When i rolled into Livigno a little over a week ago, i didn’t really know what to expect from the week that lay ahead. The weather forecast looked awful and the thought of getting any good sessions on the jump seemed a distant dream.

Luckily for us though, the group that had been formed consisting of organisers, shapers, skiers, filmers and us photographers was really great, making this week a success right off the start.

As one of four invited photographers for this event i found myself competing against Nate Abbott, Alessandro Belluscio and Louis Garnier for our interpretation of a set of categories for the week: lifestyle, action, unique angle and black and white.

Me and my Caricature presenting on the last night. Not too sure about the stray hand….

This was the first park shoot this season and the size of the castle certainly pushed us creatively. It was huge! Fitting it all in one frame was always on my mind as certain angles really hurt the images making it look incomplete.

Getting it into perspective with French skier Ben Valentin

For now i’m going to keep quiet and not show you my images that were entered, but i’m really happy to say that one of my images were chosen to win the Black and White category, a prize that is even sweeter as it was peer judged by the other photographers. Of course extreme amounts of alcohol was consumed in celebration, and the day after making my way back to Geneva was painful but with a smile.

For an image gallery please check out the article i put together for ESPN and for a full video recap check out this below.