Surface Skis: Journalism Class 101Dont miss this exciting opportunity, from Surface Skis, to get a full year sponsorship without having to go through all of the pain of assembling a promo video and entering contests you dont really want to enter, all for the sake of exposure.Instead, Surface is taking a fairly unconventional approach is offering a seasons sponsorship to the winner of this unique contest. First, Surface is asking that participants send $10 to receive a blank journal, (as well as a limited edition t-shirt at the end of the contest if you complete the task.)Your job, is to fill up this journal with a daily entry (Sept 1st  - May1st) with  whatevers on your mind. Be it skiing, comps, girls, boys, mellow thoughts, angst filled thoughts, rail sessions, art, drawings, sketches, clippings, locks of hair- whatever you feel like. The more heart put into it the better. Fill up the journal with whatever thoughts and creativity flow into your head at any given time,  and at the end of the contest (May 1st) a winner be selected, based on the best kept, overall journal.- tee shirts are for all entries, regardless of completion.  send your $10 + tee size.  (we will have tee graphics for you next week.)- the tee's and journals are all one of a kind.  the custom tee will go along with the custom made journals. (will also send photos of creative process.) - and it doesn't have to be daily entries.  some kid could write only a few paragraphs or a novel about his whole existence.- there is no cut off start date for this.  you could enter in february if you'd like, but the sooner you have your journal the sooner your brain folds get pumping. The best journal keeper will receive the following prizes: - One pair of Surface skis for the season - Entire Surface Softgoods line of clothing - Recognition on - Hearts of all the young girls on (well, maybe not)To enter, sent $10 to: Surface Collaboration 10574 N. Seminole Drive Cedar Hills, UT 84062Class starts now, and youre already late for first period, so get WRITING.