The Surface Collaboration is now accepting pre-orders on the 2006-2007 Watch Life and Live Life Models. Go to and enter the Store Site and have at it. All skis are en route from our factory in Austria and are scheduled to arrive by Friday, December 8th. Brandon Becker and Blake Nyman have been working closely with the rest of the collaboration to develop these two models. The Watch Life is an all-mountain freestyle/park ski that retails at $449.00 and comes in a 171cm and 181cm. The Live Life is a super fat twin that is intended for backcountry kickers, pillow lines, butters off cornices and skiing big mountain and pow (which is exactly what we just got here in Utah, thus, a short press release as we are trying to get out the door.) The Live life is 112mm underfoot and comes in a 179cm, all for $579.00 Also, on the store site is all of the Surface softgoods, T-Shirts, Hoodies and Beanies. Quantities are extremely limited so get on it quick.  Go to and then afterwards to to stay up to speed on other Surface happenings.  That’s all. Goodbye. -Love the Collaboration