In what could be the biggest case of the season, the Supreme Court has ruled to allow sidejumpers in the terrain park. After a long and drawn out legal battle beginning in the lower courts of New Hampshire, the group of skiers has earned the right to jump off whatever and wherever they would like.

“I never believed I would live to see this day,” Jerry Joseph, a spokesperson for Joeys, Gapers, SideJumpers and Trannyfinders, or JGST, told the Radical Radish. “Maybe I love to jump off of the rail takeoffs, so what? I am just happy to know that we are all equal under the law, no matter where we jump.”

Opposition leaders remain hopeful that they will be able to keep Jerry and others like him out of the park with park passes and other JGST identification rules. Some have gone as far as calling this ruling, "the beginning of the end." Chief Justice Roberts, however, warned of this anti-sidejumper sentiment, declaring boldly that “gapers are people, too!”

Many professional skiers have remained silent on the matter, or declined to comment, except for Gus Kenworthy who told the Radish, “I think it’s great, we’re seeing a whole new era of acceptance in the freeskiing world. LGBT, JGST, it doesn’t matter.” While Kenworthy may be the first openly LGBT professional freeskier, it may still take a while before an openly JGST skier makes the Olympics.