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SuperUnknown finals went down last week at Woodward Eldora, and we've got the first of four video recaps ready for you! Day 1 was the only sunny day of the week, and we popped off a jump session at the end of the day while the weather was cooperating. Scope all the action now and watch the riders throw down!

A few notes: 2020 finalist Rell Harwood was slated to attend the event, but had to change her plans a day before the event started due to a personal emergency. Luckily, we were able to tap Cat Agnew to fill her spot on very short notice. Big ups to Cat for dropping all her plans to come to the event and booking a flight within an hour of the call!

Level 1 legend Liam Downey flew out to babysit his coachee Maximus Siudak AKA Young Snow and soak up the vibes for the week. Unfortunately he tweaked his knee on the first feature of the first day and was shut down for the rest of the week. Heal up Liam!

2021 Female Finalists

Bella Bacon

Skye Clarke

McKenna Brown

Cat Agnew

Marin Hamill

2021 Male Finalists

Oscar Weary

Max Siudak

Kyle Coxworth

Matt Martin

Bennie Osnow

Mason Kennedy

Danya Manyak

Luke O'Brien

Chris Bechtold

Seamus Flanagan