The weather in Colorado change rapidly, but today we was truly blessed by the weather-Gods.

Early morning wake-up to go to keystone. 08.04 Bus.

I’ve seen worse bus-stops!

Snowshoe Motel. Thank you so much for hooking me up Paul. Moving to Breckenridge this afternoon, so I see you in January!

Keystone was an epic view today. First chair up, we even had to wait 10 minutes for the lift to open! Top of the first chairlift.

Norwegian crew on their way to the park. Alex Aurdal, Anders Backe and PC Fosse (who did cab doublecork 10 today. WHAT??).

Another view on our way to the park.

Bigline was open today, and Andreas Wiig was there to shred together with a couple of houndred skiers and snowboarders. So many people there today.

Last jump of three. Have you seen anything more well-made?

Big kicker line. I had some trouble with my ancle today, and I felt like there was a few more tricks I´ve wanted to do. But hey! I had a great time!