Hola Amigos!

Greetings from Mammoth Mountain.  The park crew still won't rest.  Go through the parks any day and you will realize this.  The culmination of all this work was the opening of the Super-Duper Pipe earlier this week.  With the opening of the Unbound Super-Duper Pipe this week, Mammoth Mountain becomes the only place in the world where riders can currently find all three sizes of half pipe: Super-Duper, Super and Mini.

-Wonderland Mini-Pipe (in the Wonderland Park)

-10 ft walls

-about 300 ft long

-Superpipe (in Unbound Main)

-18 ft walls

-about 450 ft long

-22 ft of transition

-Super-Duper Pipe (in Unbound Main)

-22 ft walls

-about 550 ft long

-25 ft of transition

-58 ft wall to wall

Not a bad view from Main Lodge