Our first ski day went off with a BANG! With Whitewater receiving over a foot of snow over 3 days, it was safe to say that we would be shredding some serious pow. Mother Nature thought so too. During the day, we got pummeled with 20cm of fresh gnar. EPIC. Unfortunately i didnt bring out the camera. so i missed some prime photoshoot opportunities. So after surfing waist deep pow, we took off. On the way down the side of the mountain, we were driving behind a CRV. It was pretty slick so we were taking it slow. But soon enough, shit got real. the CRV swerved and slid a good 20 feet and flipped. Luckily it was on the inside of the road. Because we are such kind hearted people, we stopped to help them out. The owner of the car had to get back to portland so he couldnt wait for a tow truck. So we wrapped a chain around the base of the car and pulled. the car came down with a crunch. The suspension took a serious beating. But fortunately they were able to drive off safely.

As we are pulling into the parking lot for the second day of skiing at Whitewater, a huge crack and boom erupts from the mountain. Being from ontario, i had not been acustomed to the avalanche blasting so i was a little startled. And so the day began.  The sun was shining as we prepared for our first run of the day.

We ended up heading to the backside where we would soon find some epic untracked fluff. And we obviously had to take a pee break.

After our backcountry expedition, we found a pretty gnarly cliff. So naturally...

As the day was ending, the sun was still shining and we came across a beautiful field of pillows.

So there you have it. Day 1 and 2.

Stay Classy