I'm sitting in my living room and tune into my television where a rendition of 80's ski movies is being portrayed by the cast of It's Always Sunny in their newest episode, "The Gang Hits The Slopes".

"The Mountain is a place where you party! That's what it's all about," is yelled by Mac (Rob McElhenney) in the opening scene-- Like those 80's movies. The episode contains references to everyone's favorite 80's ski film, "Hot Dog... The Movie"-- and Charlie may or may not score with his own Silvia-esque ski bunny and Sunday's race determines the best skier on the mountain.

However, in my opinion the best part of the episode boils down to the very end. It's race time, Dennis slips, and well... breaks his ankles. Sorry T-Hall, but it's just too good.

Head over to FX Networks to catch the full episode!