0900 AM chair up to the park, so nice outside.

Last two jumps in park-lane, Breckenridge´s medium park-lane.


Last jump. Really nice two jumps.  Me and Thomas Dølplads where skiing all day today. Like 5 hours or so. I worked on some left 9´s and Dølp did sw dub 10 and right 10s. So underrated as a skier!!


Me in the chair.  Enjoying every minute of this lovely day.


Thomas doing right 9´s to switch 9 mute.

Today was the day for Snowboard slopestyle qualifiers and ski pipe qualifiers. Me and Thomas took this other chair which we found out where just as fast as the park-chair.

Going Mexican in the states! Taco-chicken-bowl for the win!!

This pipe might now look as huge on photos. Well, you should have been there. 22″ walls of ice!


Tomorrow is Slopestyle semi-finals and I am excited!! Wish me luck everyone!