Count down to closing is 4 days (sad face) and with sun in the sky I had to get up to park city to see who was lapping and get some end of the season photos. To no surprise just about everyone was enjoying slushy day and going for broke top to bottom in the pic n’ shovel park. I slipped into the hot lap mix and captured what photos I could during the madness, so many athletes and only one lens (sad face two) but I did my best (teamwork).

Upon arrival it was Tyler Barnes and Steve Stepp, hey tones!

Good flat down set up at the top of the run, Barnes agrees.

Lip 270, please correct me if i’m wrong Tyler.

I can’t even say if hes is going right or left because I didn’t shoot sequence, it’s only a D40x. Barnes goes both ways so let your imagination do the rest.

I know for a fact Collin Collin’s was super stoked on the day, “i’m going to be the last person on this lift”.

switch 7 blunt with sky accessories.

He should just put his name on this hitching post after today. Smile!

This shot doesn’t correspond with the one below it but look at that form.
Switch 5 Japan, Collin has that easy style.
The new dipped 3.

Steve Stepp was also there but like most mummies he is very elusive and remains un-photographed.

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