The Wasatch Mountain Podcast has been around for a few seasons now and I couldn't be more pumped to see how it's emerged over those years. Long time friend, Parker Cross, has been working chipping away at this project on his own time and dime and working hard to get it on it's feet. I've been in a few of his episodes in the past and he's been a big help for me and Nimbus by filming me and contributing footage, but this year I'm looking to become a bit more involved in his series. On that note, Parker just released the opener for this seasons project, The Wasatch Summit Project. The goal this year is to summit the 22 peaks in the Wasatch over 11,000'. Superior, Monte Cristo, Box Elder, Timpanogos to name a few.We've been out a decent amount this year, touring, hiking, exploring and the like. It's not that far into the season and I've already done more touring than I think I've ever done in the past, with plenty more ahead. It's super rad to hike around in any mountains, but fortunately I'm in the Wasatch and this place has so much to offer. It's been amazing to do the little exploring that we have and be able to find terrain I never knew was there.I was unable to join Parker and crew on a couple of their bigger missions this year, but planning on making it happen with some future summits. So for now, here's the first episode introducing this years project. Hope you enjoy. here's a little bonus panoramic photo from our last tour in the Southern Wasatch.