This photo of Maria DeBari was taken one May in Mammoth... it is one of my favorite pictures! What reminded me of this shot was a conversation with my best friend Maria. She just graduated from WWU last weekend. For a final project, her class took a 10 day camping trip into the Washington wilderness. On this camp out they all were assigned a 3 day solo... meaning 3 days in one spot with nothing but themselves and nature. No notebook, no book, just each student and their thoughts. They were assigned  to recount every memory they could. Each person that has come into their lives and every experience. Maria did this diligently for 3 days and said it was an unbelievable journey. A journey that I can imagine would leave you feeling thankful for the gift of life. She remembered things that had not crossed her mind for years. One being an EPIC May in Mammoth when we lived in a cabin with some wild girls. It was good times through and through. I am committed to pondering my past experiences this summer... I am sure to dust off some grand adventures and funny stories :)Stay Tuned!