We'll it appears as if summer is nearly over and the colder weather is on the way, which can only mean one thing.. REALY cold weather, REALY Eastern conditions, REALY tall tall tee's and REALY expired Table Talk Pies. But I digress.. Anyways this summer for me has been the best thing since sliced bread! thanks to some astroturf, soap and pvc. I've been able to build my own summer set up instead of watching other NS'ers have a blast on theirs. (what last summer was like) Thanks to my dad I was finally able to build this thing, and if it wasn't for him being able to hook me up with all the right ingredients to build it, I'd probably be learning how to 270 on this winter. Even though I have sevral features I'm still building new one's every chance I get to progress to the next level, so if anyone has pvc just kickin' around hit me up! Thanks to this tower of metal and "out door carpet" I've taught my self a number of new tricks and a number of new ways to climb up to the top of my drop in, some being more painless than others. I am proud to say it's only cut me 3 times! Yet somehow there have been no reported injuries such as broken pelveses, ruptured spleens, or even the common dis-embowlment. All the expecteds.. Hopefully it stays that way so we can be at least partially intackt for next season.

To conclude all this nonsense I still miss the winter like a bitch, and even tho astroturf layed down on wood planks doesn't realy come close to the feel of snow, I enjoyed the hell out of it and I am pround to say my fellow skiers and boarders did too.