There's only one week remaining to enter yourself in the Summer Glacier Camp Contest! Get on it to have your shot at one of two Whistler Blackcomb camp sessions courtesy of Camp of Champions and Dave Murray. For the past two weeks we've been posting a random sampling of entries in Ski Gabber.  This week the location has changed but the entertainment value remains.  Enjoy, and please for the love of god don't forget to enter.Full contest details can be found here.  

My name is Annica.My favorite sport is favorite place on earth is the favorite season is job is on the mountain, my friends are on the mountain my life is on the mountain.I live and breath for skiing.Surely lots of people know skiing is a rich sport. You do not have to be made of money to go skiing every year, I know this from personal experience as im sure a very large percent of newschoolers do. The fact however is still clear that having money makes skiing a hell of a lot easier when you want to go far with the sport. My mother is an old time skier, lucky for me she wanted her children to experience the joy that she has always felt skiing. She started me and my brother on Mt.cain, we got to learn in powder, so so much beautiful powder, but only powder. No park in site, not much for racing either. My mother was an instructor on Mt.Cain and that’s the only reason we could manage the drive up every weekend for the seasons we went there. A couple years back she stopped teaching, and we started going to Mt.Washington, only at random times however. This year I couldn’t handel only going up about 20 times, it was driving me crazy I want my skiing to go places, not stay at a stand still till im 25. So I applied for a job on the mountain and scored myself a seasons, talked to an uncle and he payed for me to go on the freestyle team, my Christmas present was new K2 skis, first brand new ski's id gotten. I joined my school race team and at the end some more family members chipped in to send me to whistler for school provincials. Last weekend I came home from BC Champs at apex with the freestyle team I joined (more chipping in from distant uncles) and had such a blast. Watching all the people doing back flips in the moguls, beautiful lines, and crazy corked spins in big air just made me want to get that good even more. This is the first year I’ve had enough time to go into the park, and get over initial fears of hitting jumps, at the start of the year it would take pushing from friends to get me off the first jump in Washignton’s upper park (sad to admit, i hope no one reading this know's the park) but after coaching from the freestyle team, and watching others doing what I want to do, im hitting all the jumps in the park.My plans for the summer are to work 4 days a week and save every penny. It may not sound like a very fun way for a 15 year old to spend her summer, but im alright with that If I become a better skier. The past winter I worked hard to have everything work out so well. I got a little over 50 days in, I have improved so much for jumping and moguls, and I’ve had so much fun skiing in the powder Washington has gotten, even if its not quite as intense as Cain’s.The money that I will get this summer will be going towards a summer camp hopefully next year, maybe the year after, and being part of freestyle again next year.This sport has grown to become my life. Every free minute of every day its all I think about, Maybe the powder from last weekend, the jump I cant wait to hit tomorrow, or if I know where any ski socks are for the morning.If i get the opportunity to go to either of these summer ski camps I’ll be ready weeks ahead and it will be all I’ll think about, Thank you for your reading timeSo.. this is why you want, no, need me, parmisanpete, to win this summer camp nontest. I say nontest because its not even a contest anymore, i have basically already won. I am not going to bitch about my season because it wasn't terrible. sure i had a few injuries, but nothing too serious. The snow wasn't amazing, it rained a lot but i had a shit load of fun. No need to be a pussy and bitch about conditions.Basically this is how i see my summer unfolding if i dont go to this summer camp thing. this is how i see my summer if i go to this summer camp thing. of all, going to a skiing summer camp has always been my childhood dream, it looks so fun. I worked real hard all of last summer to gain money to go skiing in the summer. I was supposed to go to Whistler with some friends for a few weeks to ski, not in camp or anything (too much $$$$), but as of now, they don’t wanna go anymore cause they think the public parc will suck and going alone sucks. So it looks like I’m going to have to ride some lame summer setups this summer which are fun but riding COC looks 1 million times better.Oh and if this might help you pick me, the last few weeks have been nothing but bad luck, which will probably lead to me not having anymore money, let me explain: March 22, I get my license woohhoo, next day when backing up at friends house, I back up and brake one of the headlights, and bumper gets banged up,180$.8 days later , the D-jam at VSC my parents are still willing to lend me the other car that they own for the 6 hour round trip, pretty cool. Saturday turns out to be a great day super sunny and super fun but shit has to go wrong: when I’m coming out of the parking someone doesn’t stop at the end of they’re alley and BANG, hits my parents car, bumper gets pretty banged up, door squeaking and other damage total apparently going to be 3000$, has not been fixed yet( temporary fixed with dad). Next week, my skis are starting to fall apart (loosing an edge, sidewall opening).The week after I hear my grandpas going to die of cancer, in the coming months. Next week, my bindings just die on me (one heelpiece cracked in half), but luckily bought some old Salomon’s for 20$.And for the record this year on the east coast, worst season ever. I know I need to stop whining, there are way worse things in life, BUT PLEASE NEWSCHOOLERS GIVE ME SOME GOOD NEWS, MAKE ME GO TO SUMMER CAMP SO I CAN BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON ALIVE. man im tired of tryin to practice my skills in the hood man send me to summer camp!! peep the vid should i go?Why shouldnt some gangster park ripper from the EC go because of lack of snow? Well, i live in some place way worse then the EC, worse then the sahara desert. I live in Texas. Normally i wouldnt be complaining because i ski utah as much as i can during winter breaks and spring break, but this year is diffrent, i skied 15 days tops, and those 15 days i skied park 1 time. 1 TIME! I guess you could say im desperate, i think ive watched the long story shot park montage and vanulars section 100 times. Newschoolers is my homepage, and i nearly cried when my parents said we were going to the beach for spring break instead of skiing. It sucks.I dont think any other skier can complain about how their home mountain has little snow when the tallest point where i live is the highway overpasses. The biggest natural hill by me is a fault line by my middle school witch is like 10ft tall. It hasnt snowed here in like 10 years, and i havent lived here for that long. So i guess it cant get worse right? But it could get better, if you send me to camp :]Alright I've already written a rap but came up with better longer version.Here is my rap.Yo,Yo,Yo- I'm writin this rap cause i ski like crap, goin to camp would get me amped, teach me a trick so I don't look like a dick, (CHORUS, I want to go to Camp SOOO BAD, goin would be so RAD, If I went, Id be glad, if I didn't, Id be mad)livin in pa i don't get powder dumps, sendin me to camp would get me mad pumped, flat rails are real cool, until I bail and look like a fool,(CHORUSI want to go to Camp SOOO BAD, goin would be so RAD, If I went, Id be glad, if I didn't, Id be mad))Im getting sick of Daffy's that look real crappy, so please send me to camp, it"ll make me happy.Come on bro's hook a brother up. Everyone here is writing about how bad of a winter you had. You guys live in VT and NH, at least you get some snow. Pa's grand total this year was 13 inches of snow and 3 inches of ice. Also we have the Steve STepp/Tom Wallisch curse, since they left the parks have been shitty, and the snow has disappeared. SO please, send me to camp.  Well to break the ice I guess I’ll start this off with, hey I am Jon Fleury from Evergreen, Colorado, currently going to the University of Utah, and I love NS!!!! So I’m going to take you on a little journey of my year. It starts off with me getting to Utah in the fall. I go to Decade to get warranty my invaders and I was stoked that I was getting a new pair forfree. Snow starts coming and I have no skis except my crappy 171 Mike Nicks from…I don’t even know when. I got them from soxripper years ago for like 60 bucks to use as urbans. So I don’t have my skis til around mid January so I have to rip my broken down urbans in all the feet of snow we had, needless to say it sucked. Winter break comes around and I decide to work at Alta so I don’t have to go home to Colorado. I made a stupid decision because CO ended up getting absolutely annihilated while Utah didn’t get shit. After winter break I start ripping Park City a lot cause the finally got a nice setup. So from them until spring the season went pretty well skiing PC and Brighton a bunch. Snow wasn’t as great as it’s supposed to be but oh well, it was still fun as hell. We finally get a nice storm and my roommates and I go to hit this urban right by dorms. Around 10 or 15 tries on this about 100 ft. slight C rail I nut myself. Balls absolutely crushed, sack bleeding, thigh demolished…it was pretty shitty. So I was out for a week or so cause I couldn’t move or my balls would hurt. Then a little later I end up having to get surgery on my ankle so I missed a bunch of the end of the year. Which brings me to my main point, I want to go to summer camp. I haven’t ever been able to go since it costs so much and I figured I might as well save the thousand bucks and just spend it on ski gear for the next year. If I went to camp I’d be so stoked that I am getting to ski again this season since the season here is winding down and I am still stuck on my ass. I’m going to include some nice pics of the carnage and a vid of me putting my balls in a nutcracker. Quality isn’t great but you can hear it at least. Enjoy! Oh and I am 3ski6guy0, I’m 18, and eye lyke totali <3 NS lyke OMG