This Summer you don't have to fly all the way to Hood or Whistler for summer skiing and great coaches. Bear Valley Mountain in California will be hosting a one week summer camp in June 2011. The park crew will be working hard to pack the Super Cub lift with as many features as possible. There will be jumps boxes and rails for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. We will be skiing all day from 8-8:30 in the morning to at least five o clock in the afternoon. There will be several afternoon activities to choose from including trampoline, cliff jumping, and whitewater rafting. Some of the features include two down flat down rails, battleship rail, battleship box, a frame rail, flat down box, flat rails, flat boxes, 18 stair insert with down box and down rail, wallride, two 45 foot tube rails, rainbow box, C-Box, small jump line, medium jump line and a big jump line.CoachesMike Schimke/ FreeskiX Games Athlete, American Pro Freeski Tour Athlete, Windells Coach, X Games Q Park Builder & Bear Park Manager and more. Mike brings a vast amount of competition knowledge to the Camp as well as a unique way of coaching through practical example, He explains it, shows you and helps you through the learning process in a safe progressive way.Kevin Warren/ Snow BoardingPro Snowboarder to the Max! Tahoe and beyond Kevin knows what competition is all about. With his super smooth steezy style and velvet rails he shown how through throwing down for his campers to illustrate the moves. His super calm patience is another reason you WILL be better after riding with him for the Camp.Pricing$950.00 All inclusive camp, Sunday – Friday, Meals, lodging, Coaching, Lift tixs and dry land$850.00 Same as above but discounted rate for race team or freeride team$650.00 5 days of day camp lunch only but includes dry land and afternoon activities(a way for kids who have lodging but want the complete camp experience)$95.00 Day rate includes Lift Tix, Coaching and lunch = Adult$85.00 Day rate includes Lift Tix, Coaching and lunch = Youth -18$35.00 Lift Tix for PARK ONLY from 10am to close