So after a six month hiatus, I return to you. To say that a lot has happened between then and now is a fairly accurate statement. When I began writing blogs for newschoolers, I vowed to try to keep up with them, and pump them out on a weekly basis. I soon came to realize that forcing myself to be creative was not working. Many interesting things have happened to me, but I felt as though writing them down would be selling out my memories. Then there is the laziness that has to be taken into account. During these past few months, I have kept myself herbally for a majority of the time. There have been breaks however, where i decided to pursue other interests. A big result of this lifestyle is laziness and apathy. I would have liked to have written about things, but my head just hasn't been in the right place to do so.

Since I just started pushing blog entries without any sort of introduction, I'd like to lay a few things down:

My name is Jack Byers

I live in Syracuse, NY

I am 18 years old.

I am going to the University of Vermont next year.

You should read the Robot blog.

I'm a really easygoing person.

Now that we have that squared away, it's on to the meat and potatoes of my entry. Summer officially began for me on the bright and breezy afternoon of June 24th. It was on June 24th that I walked across the stage to shake hands with a bunch of men I had never met, or even seen before in my life. The only reason I shook hands with them, is because one of them- the last one- had my diploma, which I was just about ready to kill for.

If only the four men in suits knew how extatic I was, knowing I would never have to talk to them again:

Thats me just to the right of the ginger:

So after graduation, my life went from being super hectic, to being comparable to living in somewhere boring, like Mequon, Wisconsin. To combat this boredom, I took some pictures in my living room, that ended up making me want to spend a lot more time in there, because the pictures make it look a lot cooler than it really is.

For example, my living room does not have much in common with a polynesian opium den, as the picture would suggest:

The same caption applies:

I have also been wakeboarding quite a bit. I'm not really at the level that my friends are at yet, since I started at the end of last summer, and they all snowboard, while I ski, but I'm steadily progressing. I have recently become consistent at clearing the wake with some simple grabs. Since none of my friends are very adept with my camera, I only have pictures of them.

bouncing off the wake, about to eat shit:

nose roll (picture was taken a bit early, so it looks goofy):

more nose roll:

This is Andrew, he's really smooth, and so consistent. He always gets tired before he eats shit, because he lands everything he does:

I think this was a 3

Immediately following graduation, a bunch of my friends and myself went wakeboarding. My friend Ginger decided to go in his cap and gown, much to the chagrin of other boaters.

Neat picture with shameless marketing plug for Tigé boats..

And so draws to a close my returning blog entry. I'll try to get back into the swing of these things, but there's no guarantees. My life right now is moving very quickly, and chances are, I'm drunk 6 our of 7 nights of the week, what with grad parties and all. And since I'm sure the rest of you are partying like rockstars, when it comes time to drunk dial that girl that you've been thinking about, or that boy from work, don't wake them up, call up your pal dweezil, because i'll be awake and crunking. 315 256 5275 is all you need to remember in order to avoid pissing that other person off. I'll leave you with some pictures of my friend scott: