Im going to add some pictures of my trip from last summer to Mt. Hood, Oregon. One of the funnest trips I have ever been on. Me and my friend Keith went out for a week of late spring skiing and camping.  Heres a few pics from our over 30 hour trip from my parents house in Northern Wisconsin.

This Picture is from montana!

We desided to take some back roads south of the freeway, probably wasn't any faster but it was deffintly more beautiful.

One of the tributary to the coast, Idaho!

We were probably only in Washington for an hour, heres a pic of there rolling hills/mountians.

We finaly arrived to Hood River around 8pm, when we got there and it was snowing when we started going up in elevation. We had to pull over and sleep on the side of the road, we couldnt see any road signs and barley the road, in the morning as we woke up we were parked next to the road up to Mt. Hood medows, a pretty good acomplishment in or 2001 Kia sedan and bald tires, not to mention no sleep in 2 days.

We went to look for our campsite, at an old airstrip, it continued to rain and we failed to find it, but drove by it 5 times. Heres a picture of a little stream on one of our outtings to look for the airstrip.

Since we couldnt find the airstrip we decided to stay at trillium lake campground, you had to pay to stay here but it was nice because you could buy dry firewood(all the wood near our tent was either drenched,rotted, or picked by previous campers) It rained for two straight days, no ridding, the trip was starting to look sketchy.

Heres a pic from the 2nd night we were there, coldest wetest night of my life, plus im scarred of yetis!

On the 3rd day we could finally ride and the rest of the trip went along with almost no problems.


The third day we also managed to find the airstrip campground, it was ten times nicer/dryer/and more friendly then the pay campsite. We met up with a group of snowboarders from tahoe that were looking for jobs in the summer at the campground, and we had a pretty good time, having big fires, smoking hooka, and rally racing in the airstrip!

Picture of us packing up camp at the pay site.

And our new campsite at the Airstrip

The lake that we would go swim in and bathe, the locals though we were crazy, little did they now we were skim boarding in lake superior in wet suits for the past 2 months. The Lake was Warm, to us.

Goggle Tan

Eating out of the Car

Killing the trees

The airstrip

In total we skied/snowboarded for 6 days for 120 dollars total, spring pass was bomb.


We decided to go to the ocean for one day since our passes ran out, heres the beautiful beach we stumbled upon blindy from picking a random spot on our map to go.

We went to go look for some strip clubs in portland, since it does have the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the United States. We decided it was to sleezy, ha, or we didnt have enough money, bahahah.

Pictures of us leaving oregon.

A cheap speeding ticket for going way to fast in montana.

And a flat tire that stranded us in the middle of North Dakota on a sunday morning, we had to stay in a hotel till monday morning to get a new tire.

Windows backgrond anyone? Nowhere, ND.

Wired on rockstars and no sleep, Gd!

and back home in washburn wisconsin, 4185 miles later

best trip of my life, including my trip to mammoth with over 6 feet of snow in a week. Utah for a week with 5 feet in a week, and colorado this year for 7 days of powder and park shreading. When i go to hood again this year im deffintly going to continue this blog, and when skiing starts up again ill try to sustain a monthly blog, as its more entertaining then talking in the forums, !!!