Disclaimer: Unfortunately my camera had to run out of battery on the sunniest day since I moved here, my apologies for the lack of photo documentation. Today was jammed packed with summer fun.9am-4pm. Water ramping and tramping at the Olympic Park. Worked on breaking useless habits in my spins and corks. Humbling experience let me tell you! Also, worked on some unnatural spinning. I think I am finally getting used to the ramp set up. Tramp time highlight was having a contest to see who could jump the highest and have the longest time after 10 jumps. Oh and bed tricks on the tramp are my new fav!4:30pm. Riding the longest zip-line ever made (located at the olympic park). FUN!4:45pm. Riding the Alpine Slide (also at the olympic park). FUN, until I caught up to the lady in front of me, then it was just plain slow.5pm. Skating with some friends at the Park City Skate Park. I like the park, great variation in the big bowl.6pm. Watching a softball game. Go Team Skull Candy!7pm. Bailed on further summer festivities to hide out from the sun in my cool basement room. BBQ on the last standing jump at Park City Mt... could have been a blast, but I am beat!As you can imagine I got some sun today... my tan lines are rockin'!I hope you all are having fun in the sun this summer.:)