You sit behind that big oak desk in your fancy leather chair wasting away the best years of your life slaving away for some big corporation because that’s what you think success is because society has defined it as that. In reality your mind is dreaming of steep, snowy, mountains. The sound of fresh powder hitting your chest and face haunts every keystroke you make on that fancy Dell computer. Your know your wasting away the best years of your life behind that very computer in that very office in that building that represents everything you are against. Is life really about being the stereotypical model of success? Will you be content with yourself knowing you wasted your life behind a dead piece of wood when you could have been threading yourself quickly through a silent aspen grove filled with the freshest purest Colorado powder? These thoughts run through your head while you sit there in the silence of your office. You don’t know the answers to them but something in your life is missing and you can’t quite put a finger on it. These questions eat at you until you can’t take it anymore. It eats right through you like a disease filling every thought with dreams of big mountains and storm days out with a few of your best friends having the time of your life. Can you be happy without this shallow suit and prison like desk? Will you trade in your Armani Suit for a ski jacket and pants and a pair of goggles? What will your family say? Does it even matter if you are living the life that makes you happy and not the life that society says will make you happy? It’s the biggest lie in America that success is defined through a 9-5 job in a suit and tie. Success is how you define it. If shredding waist deep powder in Aspen 7 days a week is what makes you happy then you are truly successful. Much more successful than that person who gave into society’s pressures and got that 9-5 job wearing a suit and tie everyday. In the end, do what makes you happy. When you die you do not want to look back and regret the way you lived your life. If working 9-5 in a suit is what you want then goddamnit go out there and grab the man by the coat tails and make a name for yourself. But if you are haunted by the mountains calling you every minute of the day that you are not in them then pursue your big dreams and in the end you will live a much happier life than those who gave into what others wanted for them.