Today The Bunch dropped their latest edit Apollo Hood. This edit featured Pär "Peyben" Hägglund and Douglas Källsbo skiing at Mount Hood in what appeared to be some not so ideal weather. The edit shot up the front page, within hours gaining a rating of 103 with over 4000 views, and then the comments ensued.

It starts with the standard "yea!", "ill!" and "killin it!", but then the mood seems to change. It beigns with Gypsy_Skier's comment "Sorry guys, can't up this. Skiing was way overhyped, almost no bangers in there and editing/filming was sub par. better luck next time guys" which is honestly a well thought out opinion on the edit, and he's certainly entitled to that opinion. Then, the rest of the comments seem to be people arguing about whether or not Gypsy_Skier's opinion is valid and whether or not the edit deserves to be at the top of the front page. But to me, people are missing the point of the edit.

In my opinion, this edit wasn't about doing the most tech tricks, it was about having a good time and making the best of the sub-par weather. Sure, they could have hiked a rail countless times to get one shot of a double switch up 270 out, or they could have tried throwing a switch 9 mute on a 25 foot jump. However, instead they decided to grab a camera and start making hot laps. So who are we to judge the tricks in the edit. I realize that this is my opinion, and it isn't shared by everyone, and I don't expect it to be. But, isn't skiing about having fun? The Bunch just opted to film their fun and post it on Newschoolers for all of us to enjoy with them.

My biggest problem with this, however, is that I find hypocrisy in the comments. Had this exact same edit been posted by Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon, the comments would have been filled with praise and how they're the steeziest skiers ever. But since it's two relatively unknown guys not wearing XXXL outerwear, their tricks are deemed ones that even "gapers can do".

I feel that we shouldn't be putting down skiers who are out there having a good time. Who cares what tricks they're doing, they're still skiing, their still enjoying themselves, and isn't that what skiing is really all about? I realize it's summer, but put down your trick-o-meter and just enjoy the content coming out, because a lot of time and hard work went into it, but more importantly because it's your fellow skiers enjoying the stoke of being out there.

So now for the question. Style versus Tech skiing, who's having more fun, or does it really matter?