“Where can i find out about lenses?”  Answer -  http://www.the-digital-picture.com This website only deals with Canon equipment but if you have a question about a particular lens, this site will hold the answer of you dig for it.  It also had comparisons between all the lenses.  I’m afraid I know absolutely nothing about Nikon cameras and lenses so am not the best person to e-mail about that….

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“Do you ever need an assistant?”  Answer - Yes, sometimes I do.  Drop me an e-mail and tell me a little bit about your photography and I’ll keep you on file.

Looking to buy some replacement lens caps or other accessories for your camera?  Check out http://www.dealextreme.com these guys are in Hong Kong but they ship very quickly to anywhere in the word.  Pick yourself up some macro tubes for $10 or a replacement lens hood for your lens.

Need a filter for your lens?  I personally don’t recommended using a filter on your lens as they can cause flaring pretty easily.  If you absolutely positively have to get one, get the most expensive one you can find.  B+W are a good brand.  I have a circular Polarizer from them and it’s the only filter I would use.  These guys are in Hong Kong too, but they are far cheaper than anywhere else.  http://www.hvstar.com

Interesting products:

Microsoft Arc mouse - Absolutely the best portable mouse for the traveling photographer.  When folded up, this thing is tiny.  But folded out, its a great full sized mouse.  Works on pretty much any surface you can throw at it and the wireless receiver tucks inside the mouse when not in use.  Only problem with it is  the battery life is far from impressive if you use this thing every day.  Expect to only get about a month out of the batteries.
DROBO - Drobo is a data storage robot, detailed videos can be found on their site but the long story short is that this is the easiest way to keep your data backed up redundently.  I used to have a whole mess of wires and harddrives all over my desk.  It was a huge pain in the ass to keep track of things and where they were.  Now I just have a drobo filled with 1TB Western Digital Green drives.  As of this Tuesday, Drobo is now available in 2 versions, Drobo and DroboPro.  They
will hold 4 and 8 drives respectively but the newer DroboPro is a touch faster with a dual core processor and an ethernet port on the back as well as the usualu firewire 800.  Wait a minute, dual core processor????  Yep, this isnt just a static black box you plug dirves into, this thing is a small computer that works tirelessly all day to protect your data.  I have had mine now for about 4 months and I love it.  So simple, one less thing to worry about.