This is my view right now, and empty baggage thing spinning around and around with my bags no where in sight...
Since it's been since the 15th since I've seen my luggage, I decided I should just go to the airport and check on things for myself. Little did I know I would be here all day.
Caught a train from the center station where the cleaning crew was on was a dirty mess. Once I get my luggage, I think I'll try to make it to France to visit some friends. Virginie told me that there is currently a train strike in France it might take a while.
Nice stroll to the grocery store...creepy in the dark though. Something about cities and being alone in the dark don't sit well in my stomach. I need mountains and water, no more concrete and people.
My feet. My own two feet.
I only order coffee to get the little cookie that comes with damn good.
Amsterdam by night.
And day.
Most of the bikes here are used heavily. Love the character.
I'm pretty sure this is a school.
It's been a few hours now, quite a few, but I'd feel uncomfortable leaving my luggage at the airport until the 26th. A little girl just found her bag. She brought a smile to my face because she was soo excited. There aren't that many people here. I told them that my medicine was in my bag...they said that would make the possibility of them finding it better. We'll see if that even happens. I don't take medicine, but I think that's what everyone was saying anyways. I am worried about the mission on the train to France with a ski bag on top of everything else. I've watched my ski bag get stuck on the train as it pulled away from me...hope it doesn't happen again. A man just told me my baggage was found!! Amazing!! Wish me luck on the way to France!!