With iF3 quickly approaching, your plans are likely in place, and you're starting to select what movies are on your 'do not miss' list. You MIGHT even be choosing movies that are good enough for your 'be mostly sober for this one' list. We've watched all the trailers, and compiled a list of some of the street films that will be showing on the big screen in Montréal. Have at it- here's your one-stop-shot for urban film teasers:


Clayton Vila - For Lack of Better

Clayton Vila takes on filmmaking once again with For Lack of Better presented by Teton Gravity Research. Take a look into the robust lives of street skiers Clayton Vila, Sean Jordan, and Cam Riley as document their battle of addiction to urban skiing.


Good Company - Good Company Two

Tom Wallisch, Kyle Decker, and friends are at it again with the second installment of Good Company. "Based around the simple concept of good friends traveling and skiing together." While Good Company is available on iTunes & Vimeo, it's still worth the view on the big screen in Montreal.


JF Houle – Houligan: A Ski Story

"We follow JF back to his roots in the suburbs of Quebec City where everything started for him. Houligan features exclusive and extraordinary urban skiing shot in the most creative way and features the skiing and thoughts of influential people that inspired him over the past decade."



Hoodcrew - Boolers Ball


Two Bees Media - Judgement Call


Tabarnak Pack - Season Recap