Everyone here in the States has seen the famous Shepard Fairey Obama “hope” poster that became iconic prior to his election last year. This image actually has landed Fairey in quite the legal battle with the associated press due to his unlicensed use of the picture. All legal battles aside, Fairy is the man behind OBEY which he started as a “street bombing” campaign in the early 90’s and and now is arguably the most recognizable urban art figure of this decade. I recently flipped through his 400+ page book “Supply and Demand” and have never been more immpressed with the hustle and grind that he puts into “bombing” the streets. If you have a chance, cop the book or buy a print because there is something to be said about the mainstream these days, it’s corny and over produced but Fairey is laying the ground work for a whole new media experiment that changes the way we look at sending a message to inspire the everyday person. I’m not saying he is the first person to ever do this, tag graffiti was around long before but it only takes one word like peace, hope or obey, to get someone thinking different after they pass by one of his installations. I didn’t intend for this to be a political rant or subliminal advertisement for his book, simply put, it is a look into the change that can occur from one single image posted on a miscellaneous wall.


If you only know him for his Obama image I suggest you look deeper into his work because he has had the ability of sending really powerful messages through putting his art on the street

Here he explains the idea behind OBEY

Watch him bomb this building