Sammy used to hate the Mickey Avalon song that PBP used for his segment in Yeah Dude!. I think that he got enough props for it from fans by now that he's all right with it. But he was pissed around when the movie came out. I think that Mickey Avalon is sick. I wouldn't take his CD to a deserted island, but I would blast it out of the windows of my car while driving around the west side of Salt Lake City. You see, I believe that affinity lives on a continuum, and not in a discrete space with only two points.

Speaking of mathematics, 48 Straight made a flier with a little math joke on it. I adjusted this math joke to the point that many people won't get it, and then I put it on my new and improved blog. To accompany it, I wrote a post about the kickoff of 48 Straight's television broadcast schedule. I wrote unkind things about Slightly Stoopid and Mickey Avalon in it, just because I didn't have anything funnier to write. Although I would consider my comparison of Mickey Avalon to MC Paul Barman a compliment, I'm sure many others would not agree.

Speaking of making poor connections between things to which you're referring, and the annoying practice of linking to the same thing twice in an online thread, read about 48 Straight in my new and improved blog.