Words: Erme Catino

Photo: Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa

Let’s face it skiers have a lot of toys, summer and winter, because when it comes down to it we like to play outside.  That being said, having a hot air ballon is a whole another game, that type of toy falls into the yacht or “rich toy” category.  So if you ever wondered what a hot air balloon is like, you are in luck this weekend as Stoweflake Mountain Resort is hosting their 25th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.

This weekend the skies around Stowe, VT are going to be full of hot air balloons and in my opinion the best way to check them out (besides throwing down a lot of $$ for a non-tethered ride) is to get on a bike.

So swing by Skiershop for some rental bikes: Rental Bike Info, and try to keep your eyes on the road/path.  The weather looks amazing, see you up here!