My freshman year I met Jarred Haynes. Being from completely different backgrounds, we immediately hit it off and our friendship has remained strong since my departure from St Rose. Jarred is a talented musician but arguably his greatest talent is freestyle rapping. I can remember sitting in our friend's dorm room, Jarred in the center of the room, the rest of us pointing out objects in the room for him to throw into his rhyme. Plain and simple, the boy has skills. Over the years as skiing began using more and more hip hop in videos, I began working with Jarred on various projects though unfortunately none of them came out as well as either of us had hoped. Most of the time he would receive a late night call from yours truly looking to prove his skills to various producers and athletes I thought would appreciate his talents. Two of those producers were Cody Carter from PBP and Steve Horton, one of the masterminds behind Salomon Freeski TV. This January I accompanied PBP on their rail trip in New England. One night we were discussing the intricacies of music rights when I mentioned my friend was a freestyle rapper. I called up Jarred and he spit some hot fire, as they say, over the phone and Steve immediately asked for his contact information. Today, I’m proud to show you the collaboration of my friend’s talent and my passion for skiing, all beautifully edited by another friend, Steve Horton of Switchback Entertainment, for episode 20 of the highly acclaimed Salomon Freeski TV. And for those wondering, Jarred has never skied and he produced this track in under 2 days. You can find more of his tracks at his myspace page,!-RoggeCourtesy of