Well, our time here at WSI has finally wrapped up. We've had a blast but real life is calling, where we eat vegetables and don't get all our Cliff Bars for free. Check out some more serious coverage of the event here:


Behind the Scenes

Big Air

Slope Girl's Gear

Slopestyle Finals

Photos: Matt Sklar

Saturday Morning:

-Somehow we all wake up and get our ski stuff on again

-Apparently we aren't supposed to keep ski gear in the hotel, luckily since we are Americans in Canada we have diplomatic immunity. Right?

-Media Brunch at the GLC. Mr. Bishop is skeptical and tells me not to get my hopes up. I get my hopes up

-My expectations are fully realized. There is a "Caesar Bar" and a lot of bacon

-I eat two large plates of food. Doug makes me eat another. In this case peer pressure is a good thing

This is plate 1 of 3

-I feel fat. We make it into the gondola but we are not necessarily the epitome of preparedness

-Women's slope is going off. I get the "deets" and Doug tells me that my work here is "results based."

-That means that I am going to go chase Tom on a pow run. Tom proceeds to eat it really hard

-POOOOOWWWWWWWWW Best inbounds snow I have had all year. Maybe I should shoot more comps

-I make loud gaper noises and ski badly and out of control. I don't care. Faceshots at the slope comp baby

-Slopestyle goes off, pro skiers do gnarly whirlybirds and other pro skier things

-All the women skiers are way better than me. I really want to do more backflips now

-Photog campout of doom in the trees. We are all shooting the same photos, just framed by different moss and branches

-Knuckle party of doom, less #art more yellow jackets asking us to please not do things

-Flabongo on the knuckle

-EHeath knows how to take a selfie

-If you are on the knuckle you are supposed to be creating content. Mr. Bishop pulls out his phone and lays down the snapchat feed

-Again, the weather gets terrible and we ski down in "marginally sub-optimal conditions" We get to ski. I am stoked

-Taquitos in the hotel

-This is the napping room, where everyone is napping. Luckily Tom shows up and spurs us into action

-Back into the crazy monster that is Whistler

-I'm pretty sure all pro skiers look about the same, they just wear different sponsor beanies

-Next time I do this I am getting a Red Bull beanie and telling everyone I just won the Olympics

Sunday Morning:

- Mr. Bishop and I want to ski pow. Everyone else wants to sleep more than 4 hours total for the night

-I break my boot buckle on the gondola. Is that the same bad luck as breaking a shoelace?

-I was supposed to meet Tom. I cant find him so I go explore Whistler

-This place is big. I thought I was exploring, turns out I was getting lost instead

-I have not skied snow like this in a long time. Looks like it's time to get gaper sendy

-I'm tired of trying not to roll down the windows dropping cliffs. Instead I do the biggest cossacks of my life. The chairlift seems to enjoy it

-I'm forcing it but I get a ton of face shots

-Wipeouts due to flat light count as face shots right?

-Finally it's time to go shoot whirly-birds in the stunt ditch. These guys do some big whirly-birds

-Is "On the Road with Mr. Bishop" a monster? Probably, it might just be my new favorite monster though. Sorry Cookie Monster

WSI exceeded any and all hype, it might be time to go back to real life for now but I'll be back Whistler!