Well, apparently the indoor part of SIA is over, and while some hardy souls brave the on-snow demo I've finally returned home. Here's another quick overview of highlights, I've got more journalistic coverage to come but I figured I'd pump this one out before memories start to fade.

Day 2 Night (after the first article was written)

-Another night of seven people in one small room, by this time though we've got it pretty dialed, everything is going well until:

-The less professional side of NS coverage (Zach, Erika, Maddie, Peter and I) channel our middle-school slumber party and start giggling too loudly. This leads to:

-Travis has to remind us that some people are trying to sleep and that we need to be working in less than 5 hours. I'm not sure if it's just because Travis is really nice or if the Canadian stereotype holds true but he apologizes multiple times, even though he is simply reminding adults of something that most children understand.

-Back to booth coverage, Gavin Rudy's backpack looks even heavier, I have learned my lesson and only carry the bare necessities.

-Taco Bell for lunch, as soon as we make this purchase we realize how bad of an idea this was and wonder if the hotel room will survive the night.

-The lady at Taco Bell gives me a bean burrito instead of beef, I don't realize until halfway through and want to start crying, instead I order another and enunciate clearer.

-Dinner at 5280 Burgers. They have alcoholic milkshakes and fancy looking fries.

-We find out that we can get in to a neighboring hotel's hot tub. Travis wears Peter's cutoff kakis.

-We test Erika's new turtle shell. Luckily it floats.

-The hot tub is going great until Travis points out that sitting in a hot tub with the jets off is like taking a bath with your friends.

-Back to the hotel room for Cards Against Humanity. Doug doesn't know how to play but quickly starts to make the more experienced players look bad.

-We meet Hooligan Maloney, a homeless man without front teeth but a rap-god like flow. Travis wants to sign him to the NS record label, I want to use his raps for my next season edit.

-Skullcandy party at the Hyat, they have a DJ but I really just want to sing karaoke.

-I meet Troy. He seems to be the only person around who knows what Semi-rad is, stoke ensues.

-I meet a lot of skiers. I don't hug people, ever, not even my mom usually. For some reason though hugging seems to be a preferred form of greeting tonight. I give and receive more hugs than the last 5 years combined.

-The Hyat shuts down the party, some respond with aggressive indoor snowballs. When asked to stop by security one responds "WHAT!!!! YOU KNOW THIS IS A SNOW SHOW RIGHT?!?!"

-We return to the hotel room where Dan Brown leaks the future of skiing to us. Spoiler alert: It involves having fun.

-By this time it's actually the morning of Day 4, Troy, Bishop and I discuss topics ranging from the future of skiing to the future of journalism to the future of how we are going to be able to wake up tomorrow.

-We return to the room to find that there are now 9 people spending the night with us.

-Doug's spot on the bed is taken so he is exiled to sleep on the floor with the content team, elementary school level jokes and hilarity ensue.

Day 4

-We wake up to fresh snow, I want to shoot urban but no one really wants to huck their meat right now.

-Hotel room-cleaning of the century

-I meet Glen Plake, biggest fan-girl moment of the show

-Peter and I take the bus back to the airport

-Our flights are messed up, looks like Peter is never getting home

-I meet a random snowboarder also returning from SIA who guards my stuff while I grab some McNuggets. Thanks anonymous Park City park crew member.

-The Seahawks lose the Super Bowl while I write about the stupid stuff I saw at SIA

That's about it, stay tuned for more serious coverage!