unedited review from The Chronicle newspaper:STP Rocks Glens Falls!by Mike Rogge - Chronicle Summer Staff There are absolutely no words to describe the excitement that was building inside me prior to seeing Stone Temple Pilots at the Glens Falls Civic Center. Being a fan of STP (Stone Temple Pilots for short) since my early teenage years, watching the band come together on stage after an eight-year hiatus is easily the highlight of my summer. After all the swinging from trees, climbing up mountains, and flying over Lake George is said and done, this is it for me; the ultimate perk to being a summer intern at The Chronicle. I walked from The Chronicle office, located on 15 Ridge St., over to Davidson Brothers for a pre-concert drink with my good friend Liz Clohessy. The streets of Glens Falls were packed around the round-a-bout for what promised to be a night of hard-rock awesomeness our beloved hometown Civic Center had not seen in a great while. After a drink and a quick bite to eat, we headed over to the free block party, located in front of the Civic Center. The block party featured the musical stylings of Albany band, Ten Year Vamp. The band, though entertaining, did not draw the expected crowd organizers had hoped for. Said one Glens Falls local, “"I don’t plan on buying a ticket [for the concert]. I’m here because I just love live music.”" At 7:00 p.m. Liz and I met up with new Civic Center Marketing Director Jonathan Frost, who kindly escorted us to our press box seats. Upon arrival, opening act Secret Machines was just walking on stage. For those that enjoy mediocre hard-rock music, Secret Machines played a great set. However for die-hard STP fans, the band played a lame-duck set that served as a less than appealing appetizer before a gourmet meal. The late arriving crowd was clearly waiting for the main event of the evening, the reunited Stone Temple Pilots. Before STP took the stage, I recalled the last performance of the band I witnessed live. It was an October evening in Albany, shortly after the September 11th terrorist attacks. When STP took the stage for their encore, lead singer Scott Weiland reappeared on stage draped in nothing but an American flag. It will forever remain a memory embedded very deep in my memory bank. As 9:15 p.m. approached, I ran into former Queensbury High School baseball pitcher, Shane Magner who ecstatically said, “"Mike, It’s been a long time coming. This band is the epitome of 90’s hard rock and I can’t believe they’re right here, performing in Glens Falls!"” I’m right there with you, Shane. With the suspense building, the lights dimmed, and the band Glens Falls had been anxiously waiting to see took the stage. The crowd in the Civic Center went absolutely wild when lead singer Scott Weiland announced, “"Tonight, …Glens Falls we are your mayors. Tonight, we rule the city of Glens Falls"” and then broke into a killer rendition of their cult classic song, "“Big Empty."” Holy Smokes! After the song, the crowd then went into a short-lived “"S-T-P"” chant before the band went into their infectious classic “"Wicked Garden”." (Writer’s note –- I was losing my voice and my mind two songs deep!) Seeing Scott back with the rest of the band was a comforting feeling. Rock music will be finally be A-okay again. Have I mentioned being an intern at The Chronicle is one of the best jobs in town? (NS note - this is how you blatantly kiss ass to your editor) This light show was incredible. The staff at the Civic Center deserves an enormous amount of credit for their skills. After a few classic hits like, “"Vasoline”" and "“Sour Girl"” I had the urge to experience the show from the prime seats, the floor/mosh pit of the Civic Center. Waiting for me, were the best seats in the house; dead center, in front of the stage or as some may call it in civil society, the middle of the mob. (Let it be known The Chronicle staff is not afraid to mingle in the mosh pit) (NS note #2 - more ass kissing - I need this job) The crowd sang along to Grammy award-winning song, “"Plush"” as well as "“Interstate Love Song",” another popular song during the band’s tenure. For the encore, Scott thanked the Glens Falls crowd for supporting the band during their hiatus and STP put on an incredible performance of, "“Dead and Bloated"” made complete with leader singer Scott Weiland'’s use of his trademark megaphone. The crowd, clearly exhausted from a night of intense hard rock, displayed their own remarkable performance, by singing word-for-word through out the entire song. The Stone Temple Pilots show in Glens Falls, for this lucky-dog intern, will forever be known as a night when a great band put aside their troubled differences, played their iconic songs, and made a lasting impression for fans across the Southern Adirondacks.(NS note #3 - This show rocked my face off. Seriously. The other journalists present in the press box had a look of horror on their face when I reappeared, dripping in sweat, after moshing the bejesus out of 20-something testosterone/steroid filled wanna-be body builders. Sorry for partying, you uptight assholes!) Scott Weiland (lead singer) is the man. He rules and I'm so glad to see him out of that stupid Velvet Revolver and back where he belongs! Enjoy the photos taken with my JesusPhone.