I sit there, staring out into the darkness. Only it isn't darkness. It is the ultimate contrast of darkness and light, coming together. Black and white. Coming together. Creating my life.

I look down at my watch just as the display flickers, and changes to 1:32 AM. It's been a hell of a day today, I think back to myself, slowly taking in my surroundings. The dark bulk of a pine tree with branches weighed down stares back at me, and I remember the big kicker and spine we built the other day.

The resort got an unprecedented amount of snow over the last week; starting off with a huge storm bringing two solid days of heavy snowing, followed by another, similar storm that just reached us last night. In total, so far we have had over 60cm of snow, and judging by the cold pricks I keep getting on my face, this figure will only increase tonight.

The serene quiet of the mountains is weighing in on me: There is no outside sound as the huge snowflakes slowly become one with the mass that I know tomorrow will be so radically disturbed. Snowflake against steel edges. Pillows against skis. Man against nature. What comforts me through this is knowing the mountain is on my side: however dangerous it will be, no matter what I do tomorrow, the mountain will be there. Ever supporting me, producing wind lips and pillows. Nurturing trees, and harbouring powder pockets.

The snowflakes silently hit the trees, and I notice a small marmot burrowing under a bush, soon to be another feature on the terrain of the unconquerable mountain.


Hey guys! This is my first shot at writing for the news section. I know this isn't technically news, but I get really stoked for skiing when I read/ write these. The series is based loosely off of things I have done, and I have a total of around 15 or so in the works. Tell me what you think! This first one is more like an intro, so there isn't much skiing in it, but they do get more exciting, I promise! All of the stories and pictures were created solely by me.