It´s true! Especially when it comes to Salomon! A few times each year they give me the opportunity to test their new gear, and use it while skiing. The best part is, that I get to say what I think about it, and it is usually the next years gear.

Today was one of theese days! Two pairs of Salomon 2011 models arrived, allthough I used the same models last year, it´s still fun to get new and fresh ones!


I am so unbelieveable lucky, who has this opportunity, and more people that are sponsored should be that too. It´s really easy to get care if you recieve free gear all the time, but I just think about my first pair of twintip-skis, that I got for christmas nearly 7 years ago. They were two year old Salomon Vincent Dorion pro-model, and they were used as demo-skis several times. They were half price, and barely twintip. I used them for two years and learned my first switch 1080 with them.

A little flashback there, but it´s important to remember where you come from, and be happy for the things you recieve! So thank you Salomon!

From left to right: Salomon Rock-it-before-2012 & Salomon Suspect 2011.

Have a good day, I gotta go mount some skis!