Hey everybody, just a blog of updates and plans for the near future. Although, I only have two more days in high school until we get a winter break! Now, this break is the signal for awesome skiing, and some sick tricks. Anyways, I'm going to start putting the trips here on Newschoolers (like videos/pictures) sometime next week when I get a little more time to do all that stuff. So I'm going to upload them on Vimeo (for the higher quality). If you want to see them on my channel there, my username is the exact same as the one on here: TheShealyWord. Now keep in mind, my friends and I aren't the best skiers in the manner of freestyle. We do have a ton of fun though, and I'll definitely enjoy documenting that. But, I'll be getting footage of a lot of the skiers/riders out there that make everyone stop and say "Wow". Also starting next week, I'm going to start putting up vlogs (video blogs) and other fun stuff (maybe some skiing)on my youtube channel. My username is TheShealyWord1 on there. I'll put links to my two channels in my next blog on here. Well, I'm planning to go to either Boston Mills or Brandywine on Wednesday night, and then my schedule is to get out on the slopes as much as I can...Happy Skiing!TheShealyWord