Order a pair of 185 JJ's last night. Was extremely stoked when the order went through, i heard every where that they were extremely hard to find but this local shop had them. I called right after placing my order online to confirm it went through. The guy sounded like he knew i was gonna be calling. He's like is this Tyler? I said ya, he said the one that ordered the JJs? Ya. Well we have one pair left. YES! But...someone got their ordering one min before you online and I have no way of switching it Im sorry. FUCK YOU! Sorry there is nothing I can do. So I jump back online and search for hours and finally find a pair at 185 but they are over charging by 50 bucks since they are probably the last place on earth to have them for sale. Bought them and now its a waiting game until they get here in the mail. CANNOT WAIT.